Hydrating Beads ... How to use Hydrating Beads

Here's all you have to do when using Hydrating Beads ...


1. Put a 6-gram packet into 2 quarts of water. (For larger beads, use distilled water).

2. Allow 6-8 hours for your Hydrating Beads to fully expand.

3. One 6-gram packet will make over 1/2 a quart of Hydrating Beads per packet.

4. Drain any excess water with a strainer or colander.

5. Pour your Hydrating Beads in vases, bowls or any container of your choice.

6. "Always" leave 1 inch of water in the container that you are placing "Roots" into for best results, this gives the roots the ability to get established.


After draining the excess water (step 4), pour only 4-5 inches of the finished Hydrating Beads into your vase. Add water to the vase until there is approximately 1 inch of water on the bottom. Fill the vase with the remaining Hydrating Beads. Diagonally cut at least 1/2 half inch off the flower stems, place stems to the bottom of the vase in the water.


Protect silk flower stems with wax or plastic wrap.


1. As your Hydrating Beads begin to dry out or (Get smaller), place them in to a separate bowl and add water to refresh them.

2. Then, while your Hydrating Beads are in this separate bowl, using your hands "Churn" the water to remove any residue from them, (this residue is stale water or mold from the water and not the Hydrating Beads), do this for (2) minutes and then place them back in to the original vase you used for your Hydrating Beads ... Do this process every time you re-hydrate your Hydrating Beads.

3. To make your plants, flowers, vegetables or any other plant you want to look FANTASTIC, squeeze a few drops of your favorite plant food into your vase during the expanding process as described in (step 1) of the directions. I like to use liquid "Miracle Grow" to make my plants blossom.

4. Remember to "REMOVE" all the excess water from the Hydrating Beads prior to placing them back in to your vase or receptacle and "NEVER" add water to Hydrating Beads while in the vase or receptacle as it will only create stale water and residue on your Hydrating Beads.


1. Do not take internally. Keep away from Children and Pets.

2. Although this product is nontoxic, it may present a choking hazard for children.

3. This product is slippery when wet, sweep and wipe up any spills immediately.

4. Dispose of your Hydrating Beads in a trash container, DO NOT FLUSH DOWN DRAINS.


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